Craigslist Real Estate Marketing System

Craigslist real estate post generator

Create Craigslist ads for your real estate listing in less than a minute. The RealBird ads are beautiful and stand out from the crowd for maximum lead conversion.

Auto generated Craigslist ad code for your RealBird listings

When you post a listing on RealBird, the Craigslist ad code is automatically generated for you and the post generator wizard will walk you through the quick steps to customize and post your listing on Craigslist.

  • Post your listing to Craigslist in less than a minute with the auto-generated ad code
  • "Blend-in" or "Jump-out" design themes with unlimited color options
  • Show multiple or a single photo on your ads and enable/disable certain links to maximize conversion

Coverage and Pricing

RealBird PRO is available for real estate agents and brokers in the USA, Canada and the UK.

As a special offer, RealBird PRO costs only $149 $99/year or $25/month for a limited time.


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